The Leadership certificate provides students with a firm foundation of leadership theories and practices that enable them to ethically and effectively lead in personal, professional, civic, and academic contexts. This certificate is grounded in a respect for diversity, equity, and inclusion, and is also intimately infused with exposure to and critical reflection on the importance of digital media and technology for contemporary leaders. Students are encouraged to tailor their work in the Leadership certificate to their major(s) and other field(s) of study; leadership, after all, is an integral component of life at and beyond Eureka, whether students are pursuing work in the arts, athletics, business, education, politics, the sciences, or other fields.


(1) To develop leadership skills necessary to thrive in both diverse professional, personal, and civic contexts and in an increasingly digital world.
(2) To contextualize leadership through analysis of historical, contemporary, and interdisciplinary case studies.



The Leadership certificate can be earned by completing the following 13 credits. It is an excellent add-on to majors throughout the college, and can be completed by students in four courses (plus the 1-credit capstone).

Each of the four courses below:

LDR 115: Introduction to Leadership (offered annually in the fall semester) (3 credits) (Intercultural Understanding [IU] capability course)
LDR 215: Digital Leadership (offered in even-numbered spring semesters (3 credits) (Communication [CO] capability course)
LDR 315: Diversity and Leadership (offered in odd-numbered spring semesters (3 credits)
LDR 415: Leadership Capstone (offered as needed) (1 credit)

Plus one course from the list of approved electives below: 

ART 206: Introduction to Graphic Design (3 credits)
ART 250: Web Design (3 credits)
BUA 220: Management (3 credits)
COM 218: Organizational Communication (3 credits)
COM 220: Media Management and Sales (3 credits)
CJS 205: Policing (3 credits)
CJS 215: Corrections (3 credits)
EDU 227W: Educational Psychology (3 credits)
EDU 351: Language and Diversity in Education (3 credits)
ENG 328W: Literature and the Environment (3 credits)
ENG 373W: Seminar in Contemporary Literature (3 credits)
ENG 395W: Publishing Workshop (3 credsits)
EVS 260: Introduction to Sustainability (3 credits)
HIS 225: Global Environmental History (3 credits)
HIS 304: United States Urban History (3 credits)
HIS 309: African American History (3 credits)
HIS/PSC 362W: American Foreign Policy (3 credits)
HIS 382: Western Europe 1945-Present (3 credits)
IDS 290: Race and Dance (3 credits)
KIN 255: Psychological and Sociological Aspects of Physical Education and Sport (3 credits)
MUS 250/ECC 250: Music and Race (3 credits)
PSC 260: Political Ideologies (3 credits)
PSC 301: The Presidency (3 credits)
PSC 316: Civil Liberties (3 credits)
PSC 330: Human Rights and International Law (3 credits)
PSY 203: Social Psychology (3 credits)
PSY 314W: Abnormal Psychology (3 credits)
REL 330W: Political Theology (3 credits)
SPA 305: Spanish and Latin American Cultures (3 credits)


For more information on the Leadership certificate, please contact either Prof. Cory Geraths at (309) 467-6879 or email cgeraths@eureka.edu or the Office of Admissions at (309) 467-6825 or email admissions@eureka.edu.



Complete degrees in Business Administration or Organizational Leadership.  If you have an associate’s degree (AA, AS, AAS considered on individual basis) or 60 transferrable credits and a 2.0 GPA, you are eligible to apply.

The program includes in-person courses. You have the support of your classmates and a faculty advisor to enable your success.

Organizational Leadership Degree Completion Program Schedule

You would complete one in person course at a time in six weeks over three weekends.  Class meets Friday evening and Saturday.  

Tuition:  $7,250.00 a semester ($650.00 a credit hour, $1,400.00 for an online course)

Fully complete the application for admission. 

Request official transcripts, in English, from all colleges and universities be sent to Eureka College.


Note: Applications are considered on a rolling basis following receipt of all
required items.  All supporting materials should be mailed to:


Eureka College
Office of Admissions
300 E. College Avenue
Eureka, IL 61530


For more information, please contact the Office of Admissions at (309) 467-6825 or email admissions@eureka.edu.

Program Objectives

  • Leadership theory and practice
  • Leadership that embraces diversity, equity, and inclusion
  • Leadership that incorporates digital media and technology
  • Leadership within organizations and institutions
Characteristics of a Good Leader
Civically minded
Cross-Cultural Focused
Effective communication
Listening and learning

Staff Contacts

Dr. Cory Geraths

Assistant Professor - Communication

cgeraths@eureka.ed (309) 467-6879

Burrus Dickinson 301, Office #1

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